Why I Think You Should Stay at Tranquility Beach Anguilla

If you are an avid follower of my musings, you may recall how I wrote a piece on Tranquility Beach Anguilla shortly after Hurricane Irma back in 2017. The resort was the first commercial groundbreaking following the catastrophic blow to the Caribbean and was a bright spot on the tourism horizon for Anguilla. Fast forward to December 2019 and Tranquility Beach opened its doors on what it affectionately calls “sugar sand” Meads Bay.

Anyone who knows anything about Anguilla can tell you one thing: what Shoal Bay East was two decades ago, Meads Bay has snuck up and claimed in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, Shoal Bay East is still a phenomenal beach, but West End’s mesmerising Meads Bay was able to bump the level of white sand luxury up a notch.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla takes the level up once more with its clean lines and modern feel designed by the award-winning principal architect at Sunset Homes, Ian “Sugar George” Edwards.

Located two lots away from Blanchards Beach Shack (hello, goat cheese on garden and a margarita), Tranquility Beach stole my breath the minute I stepped foot on the property. I am a lover of aesthetic appeal, and there is no shortage of it.

Interiors by Natalie Sheedy of Chicago provide a perfect mingling of shore-chic and actual shore with a breezy colour palate that whispers Caribbean. The most note-worthy aspect of Tranquility Beach Anguilla, in my opinion, is the fact that the units are perfectly outfitted for you to simply take up residence in the suites and never leave.

I found the suites to be great for families because– unlike traditional vacation rooms– the units are built like true living spaces with family-style layouts and bedrooms in close proximity to one another. Full kitchens and washer/dryer combos in each unit seal the deal for any mom.

Tranquility Beach Anguilla offers you something that its larger neighbours don’t: no commercialised hubbub. You get the quiet exclusivity of a boutique hotel with the supple luxury of a heavy-hitter. The central proximity is an ideal location on the beach meaning you can walk to Jacala which is practically next-door and Straw Hat further up the beach. If you find yourself in a more mainstream mood, you can always visit one of the 5-stars on either end of Meads Bay for evening cocktails and entertainment.

Overall, Tranquility Beach Anguilla does nothing but add to your options when it comes to planning a relaxing stay on one of the world’s best beaches. Visit their website to start planning your trip or explore ownership opportunities today.

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