What I Order as a Pescatarian in Anguilla

This is my top requested content on Instagram, so I decided instead of sending a bunch of responses all the time, I would compile a little post here for you!

I am a lifelong pescatarian (that’s right, I’ve never had meat before) and here are my absolutely favorite things to eat at restaurants in Anguilla. This list is not exhaustive, in fact there are some places which aren’t on here…because I’ve either never been or I haven’t gone there often enough to have an established favorite.

Let me know if you try any!

My Favorite Things to Eat in Anguilla

Roy’s Bayside Grill:

  • Huevos rancheros (breakfast menu)
  • Fish & chips
  • Lobster roll
  • Veggie burger

Dolce Vita:

  • Gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce 

Sand Bar:

  • Tuna poke
  • Zucchini carpaccio 

Straw Hat:

  • Big eye tuna flat bread
  • Ahi tuna bites 


  • Grilled watermelon and goat cheese salad
  • Calamari risotto


  • Hard Lee (ahi tuna sushi tower)

Le Bon Pain:

  • Egg and cheese sandwich


  • Lobster tagliatelle

Ola’s Tacos:

  • Cauliflower enchilada 


  • Grilled chipotle prawn tostada
  • Grilled chili queso corn on the cob
  • Spicy fried calamari
  • Spinach & artichoke dip


  • Caesar salad pizza 


  • Grilled jerk tuna

Mary’s Bakery:

  • Vegetarian roti

Guyanese Creole Kitchen:

  • Saltfish and channa

Blanchards Beach Shack:

  • Goat cheese salad on kale
  • Mahi big bowl
  • Garlic bread

Village Bakehouse:

  • Tomato basil quiche

Davida Beach Club:

  • Fresh tuna salad

Tropical Sunset:

  • Cracked conch

Leon’s at Malliouhana:

  • Crispy rice

Tokyo Bay:

  • Tuna truffle

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