The Top 5 Things on My Gender-Neutral Shopping List

In case you missed it, we are approaching this baby’s gender the old-fashioned way. The ultimate Gender Reveal with no potential for wildfires or finger loss– waiting until birth to discover, as my son has so eloquently put it, “what kind of baby we are having“. This entire charade was my idea, by the way. No one else in the family was originally on board with it and lately a day does not go by without someone speculating or expressing frustration at not knowing. I am, selfishly, finding it sort of fun being able to participate in life’s one true surprise.

The thing is, not knowing what kind of baby you’re having can make shopping a little more difficult and a little less specific. This is especially so being on Anguilla where you often need to order things and deal with freight-forwarding. In preparation, I have put together a list of newborn items which will work for either boys or girls. This list is also a pared down version of what you need for a newborn since, at #3, I have realised that a lot of what you’re told you need, you don’t.

1. Birth Announcement Photo Option

This is the perfect birth announcement outfit since it comes with an either/or headwear option. I also loved the practicality of nightgowns for sleeping with my other children because of the easy access for diaper changes. The downfall of a nightgown is that it rides up and you worry about your baby’s legs being cold. All in all, though, I really just want this set for the photo op and I love that it is available in a variety of gender-neutral colours.

2. About 15 Unisex Onesies

Remember when you are buying gender neutral that you only need to get clothing items that will carry you through the first month or so. Even if you try to tell yourself you won’t, you will want to immediately begin shopping for some gender specific items. In my past experience, it’s best to buy a mix of both Newborn and 0-3 Month sized items for the first month since you aren’t sure how big your baby will actually be (ultrasound predictions are only guesses). With my first, I didn’t get any Newborn sizes because I was told it was a waste of time. The result was her being born 6lb 14oz and the 0-3 Month sized items swimming on her for a good four weeks. With my second, I got one pack of Newborn sized onesies and the rest 0-3. Take advantage of putting those tiny clothes on your baby since they won’t stay that small for long.

3. A Week’s Worth of Unisex Sleepers

To be honest, the black and white sleeper pack is branded as “for boys”, but I don’t see any reason why girls can’t wear it. This is a prime example of why you should branch out your search for items from the filters and just rely on your personal style and preference. I love the minimal line drawings on the lion sleeper and as usual, teal is always a great gender-neutral choice. Since I don’t live in a very hot climate, I don’t spend too much on the “warmer” items, so I will only be getting a few of these. Sleepers are great because you don’t have to worry about your new baby getting chilly at night or (something we have to worry about in the Caribbean) getting bit by mosquitoes.

4. Muslin Swaddling Blankets

Either these didn’t exist in the early 2000s or I didn’t know about them, but with my firstborn I was stuck using the stiff flannel receiving blankets of bygone times. With my second, I discovered the magic of the Aden & Anais muslin swaddle and I will never go back. The fabric is perfect for the climate in Anguilla and the blanket is always so soft. I still have my amazing muslin swaddles from #2, so I will be washing and hanging them out in preparation for #3 along with grabbing these adorable new gender neutral choices.

5. A Couple Little “Outfits”

It is so enticing to want to dress your new baby in little miniature versions of what a big person would wear. As much as you might feel inclined to, it goes without saying that a new baby really doesn’t need to be wearing outfits. It’s also super difficult to put those items on a baby. Since most outfits are gendered anyway, I won’t be going overboard with purchasing them in neutral for the new baby stage. By the time the baby comes and we know what kind of baby it is, we will be able to dash out and buy some gender-specific outfits anyway.

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