How to tell if you are a frequent visitor to Anguilla

There are some people who never read the same book twice, but then there are those who will thumb the tired edges of their favourite novel endlessly through multiple readings. I think travel is sort of like that: there are some people who don’t visit the same destination more than once, but then there are those who continue to return with the magnetism of loyalty to their favourite place on the map.

I am proud to say that I often meet visitors to Anguilla who have been coming for decades, returning yearly to walk our powdery beaches and enjoy the natural ombré of our blue waters. So, how do you spot these die-hard Anguillaphiles? Could you be one? I’ve come up with a fun list to try to find out.


How many things can you check off after your visit(s) to Anguilla?

  1. You own a T-shirt from Strawhat.
  2. You have a collection of colorful temporary driver’s license cards.
  3. You remember when Anguilla’s area code was 809.
  4. You know FBI does not refer to a law enforcement agency.
  5. Your favourite place on a Friday night is Roy’s for Happy Hour.
  6. You remember when Roy’s was in Crocus Bay.
  7. You have transported puppies or kittens to America for AARF.
  8. You have a special relationship with a local family and will bring goodies for their children when you visit.
  9. You avoid the newer resorts in favor of the “vintage” Anguilla experience.
  10. You have photos of Sandy Island before Hurricane Luis.
  11. You know the danger of having too many rum punches at Scilly Cay.
  12. You have stayed at Cocoloba.
  13. You have a baseball cap from Gwen’s Reggae Grill and may be in one of the photos on the wall.
  14. You stay at a vacation apartment because you are usually here at least two weeks.
  15. You’ve had Teddy as a taxi driver.
  16. You have eaten at B&D’s.
  17. You used to shop at Vista for all your groceries.
  18. The people at Blanchard’s Beach Shack know your order.
  19. You were heartbroken when American Eagle stopped their flights to Anguilla.
  20. You start planning your next trip to Anguilla as soon as you return home.


Are you a frequent visitor?


5 thoughts on “How to tell if you are a frequent visitor to Anguilla

  1. 21. All the business cards you posted at Nat’s that are now gone.
    22. You still miss Rendezvous Bay Hotel.
    23. You remember when the only place to buy souvenirs was the Arts & Crafts Shop in the Valley. (Oh, wait, there was also that t-shirt shop called “The Gap” on Shoal Bay.)
    24. After decades of seeing their ads, you finally went to the Mayoumbic Folkloric Theater.
    25. You have a special place in your heart for Coleville Petty and the Anguilla Heritage Museum (hope it survived).
    26. You swam at Captain’s Bay before there was a house there (and survived).
    27. You miss the Sunshine Shop.
    28. You have pictures of your children making sand castles on the beach pre-Cuisinart.
    29. The public ferry from St. Martin to Anguilla.
    30. Does Hank a new Iowa flag? I could bring one this March.

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  2. We are relatively newcomers, we started going in 2003, first stayed at RBH, came in on a daytime Eagle flight, and when we were driving from the airport with Teddy, I kept thinking, “what have I got us into?” My fears were unfounded. I remember Cedar Grove, Smokey as the chef and Simon at the little bar where we would spend many hours.
    We would spend a whole day at Nats, just visiting and looking at his albums.
    We have made many friends and always love to hear “welcome home”, getting the “locals” discount at Cap was the highlight of our trip. My husband passed away in January 2017, and I will not be returning, but I will always hold fond memories of Anguilla and its wonderful people.


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