How to Slay Your Beachwear on a Budget

When  you hit the beach as much as I do, you need to make sure you don’t blow your entire paycheck on bathing suits. Believe me, it’s tempting and I have some pretty awesome designer pieces, however no “Mommy on a Budget” can afford to drop three figures on all her bathing suits. This post is an ode to  my summer beach looks which I was able to snag during my trip to Florida in July.


Listen, if you had ever told me that my favorite looks of this summer would be from Walmart, I would have laughed you right off of iMessage. While Target has its fair selection of bomb fashion, no one associates shopping at Walmart with a good look book (People of Walmart, anyone??).  In any event, a trip to grab back-to-school essentials led me to the juniors swimsuit section of the American mega-chain and boy did I hit beach glam gold.

“Karma’s a Beach” high-cut one piece: $14

“When in Doubt Vacation”  beach tote: $3

Aztec fringed kimono: $9.99


Lime green triangle bikini top: $4.97

Lime  green bikini bottom: $4.97


Black Halter top with gold beads: $14.99

Black keyhole bikini bottoms: $14.99


Forever 21

As always, a good die-hard staple for the budget-conscious is Forever 21. Let’s just set aside the fact that I’m 32…I love me some Forever 21. This color drew me in immediately as I think it  pops against Anguilla’s  gorgeous backdrop  of greens and blues.

Neon Pink triangle bikini top: $9.99

Neon Pink bikini bottom: $9.99


Terrycloth halter top: $3.00

High-waisted denim shorts:  $12.99

Sunglasses: $12.99



I like to joke that my favorite color is leopard, so when I saw this bathing suit at H&M there was no way I was leaving without it. Side note: H&M’s clearance rack is probably the best in the world for $1 deals on closet essentials.

Leopard print bikini top: $4.98

Leopard print tie side bikini bottoms: $4.98

Sunglasses: $9.99


Where are your favorite spots for great beachwear deals? Let me know, because I’m  always at the beach!


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