Players Troupe “Meaning of Carnival” Essay Competition


This competition is open to all Anguillian residents aged 16-18 years. 

Entrants must submit their essay, video and completed entry form by May 13, 2022. 


One backline costume from Players Troupe for the 2022 Summer Festival Parade of Troupes will be awarded to the creators of each of the top two submissions.

The two winners will be announced by May 20, 2022.


  1. Entrants will write a 350-500 word essay which adequately explains the following:
  • Why the Anguilla Summer Festival is an integral part of our culture and history.
  • Why you would like to participate in this year’s Parade of Troupes.

Essays must be typed using Times New Roman font size 12. The essay will be assessed using the following criteria: 

  • Writing style (10 points)
  • Relevance to theme (10 points)
  • Content (10 points)
  • Grammar & syntax (5 points)
  1. Entrants will create a video on their preferred social media platform (eg: TikTok, Instagram, What’s App Stories, Facebook, Snapchat)  in which they discuss, in a creative and appropriate manner, any aspect of carnival, parade or Anguillian culture.
  • Videos must be no longer than 1 minute in length.
  • Videos must not contain any vulgar language. 
  • Videos posted on Instagram must tag @playerstroupe and @theonlyvanessa and use the hashtag #PlayersTroupe

Videos will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity (5 points)
  • Technical appeal (5 points)
  • Relevance to theme (5 points)
  • Content (5 points)
  • Entertainment factor (5 points)


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