Top 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Anguilla

We can’t deny that our favourite thing to bring back from vacation is the countless photos we can share with others. In the world of social media, however, friends back home don’t need to wait until your plane lands to get a serious case of FOMO. For artistic Instagrammers, the hunt is always on for locations with the perfect balance of vibe. I’ve put this list together to help visitors to Anguilla craft their own feed of Insta-perfect shots. 

Please remember when you are getting your content to practice safety precautions and respect for the business, property or environment. 

1. The Dune Preserve

Zone: West

Location: Rendezvous Bay

Spot: Bankie Banx’s The Dune Preserve. It’s not just iconic, it’s aesthetic. There are so many amazing nooks and details to get the perfect snaps for your feed.

2. The [Abandoned] Mariner’s

Zone: Central

Location: Sandy Ground

Spot: The Mariner’s. American graffiti artist made his canvas from the dilapidated buildings of one of Anguilla’s prime properties from the end of the twentieth century. I grew up in Sandy Ground and remember The Mariner’s in its glory days. Now just a smatter of forgotten bungalows, it’s an eerie walk through a ghost of the industry.

3. Leon’s Place at Malliouhana

Zone: West

Location: Meads Bay

Spot: Leon’s Place on the beach at Malliouhana. The little water sports shack doubles as a bomb backdrop for colour blocking. If you hang out til sunset, you can catch some amazing silhouettes with the coconut trees and fiery sky.

4. The Arch


Zone: West

Location: Blolly Ham Bay

Spot: The first right before you get to the road around the pond that leads to Trattoria Tramonto. Follow the signs to Kandara on the road, but take the opposite fork. This land formation is so incredible and breathtaking every single time. A must have for your feed.

5. Anguilla Horses

Zone: West

Location: Maunday’s Bay

Spot: Right by the lobby area near Cap Juluca. You can make arrangements to be met by Zambezi and (for under US$100 per person) ride horses in the Caribbean Sea. It doesn’t get much better than that.

6. The Fishing Village

Zone: East

Location: Island Harbour Beach

Spot: Any place you find along the bay is full of culture. This is one of my favourite spots because of the vibrant colours and the scattering of fishing boats.

7. Belmond Cap Juluca

Zone: West

Location: Maunday’s Bay

Spot: The amazing attention to detail on the refurbished and rebranded Cap Juluca has given me all sorts of Instagram excitement. Not only are there retro VW buses on property, but the mixture of textures, vintage artefacts and cool colour palate throughout the common areas give you the sense that you have been given permission to peek into Rudyard Kipling’s study.

8. Straw Hat’s Foliage Wall


Zone: West

Location: Meads Bay

Spot: The iconic hedge wall at Straw Hat has become an IG must-capture. 

9. The Historic Pink House

Zone: West

Location: West End Village

Spot: This adorable abode was destroyed in Hurricane Irma back in 2017, but the owners rebuilt it and now its ideal candy pink presence has returned to the little field in West End.

10. Krux Castle

Zone: East

Location: Harbour Ridge

Spot: Obviously someone’s private property, but a majestic unfinished backdrop nonetheless. The eerie feel at this cliffside villa translates throughout. There are also some awesome graffiti tags out here if you do some exploring.


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