Don’t Stop Dating

My husband and I have been together for over ten years– almost seven of them married. That means a third of my life has been spent in a partnership, yet I am still finding out ways to evolve in our romantic alliance. They always say the two keys to a successful union are communication and continuing to date.

Don’t get married unless you feel this way.

I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes we don’t remember to date each other. The whole children-businesses-career-household thing sort of gets in the way of being able to find the time to date. When I heard about the “Dating Series” from Just Imagine Events, I started thinking about why we don’t really date anymore. It isn’t that we don’t have the time, since we find the time to do lots of other things. It’s that we don’t always prioritise it. It’s important as a couple to have time where the two of you can reconnect and learn new things about each other, even if it has been ten years.

True story, though. Ask Daryl.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure most husbands and wives place their role as a parent over their role as a spouse. We can get so caught up in delivering a sublime performance as a mother or father that we neglect our other duties. Compounded on this is the fact that Daryl and I are artistic business partners as well, so it is very easy in our relationship for a date to become a business meeting. I was in the process of discussing how we need more events in Anguilla which afford couples a one-off learning experience (think paint night or cooking class, a.k.a less time to discuss business) when a friend told me about a new collection of events.

Seriously, ask anyone who knows us.


The Dating Series by Just Imagine affords couples in Anguilla the opportunity to date each other (for the rest of the spring and into this summer) in fun, unconventional ways! I sat down with Tiffany Rogers, the mastermind behind Just Imagine Events, to discuss what exciting stuff her team has in store.

Sex in the…island?

The first event, on March 25th at 6:00pm, is a breakout mixer geared toward the 21-45 age bracket. It’s aimed toward singles, so skip ahead if you aren’t in the market for a new lover. I would be all over this event if I were a free agent, though, because it sounds like so much fun. Think blind-date meets speed-date and you get “Singles in the City” (my Gen-X heart loves the nod to Carrie Bradshaw here…).

The best part about it is that there is a bar involved… (spiked tea, anyone?)

Is this you? Then sign up for “Singles in the City”!

The main character in Sex in the City made popular the idea that “the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well that’s just fabulous.” Singles in the City lets you actually get the opportunity to find that someone while you chat, speed-date or play games at Tea Box Lounge.

Just because I love “Sex in the City”, here is another of my favourite quotes.

Moon LIT!

Now, obviously I can’t attend “Singles in the City,” but I will definitely be at “LIT” which is a moonlight picnic taking place on my birthday weekend!
A blanket on the beach under moonlight sounds like the perfect way to slow the rush and get back to “us”.
Weather permitting, on April 29th for US$90 per couple you and your favourite someone can cozy up under the moonlight on one of Anguilla’s fantastic beaches. Daryl and I will definitely be attending this, if not for the whole reconnecting thing, then for the mystery picnic basket (we all know I love food!). Registration opens this week, so check out www.JustImagine.Events  to sign up.

Dirty Dancing

Pole Dancing!!!!!!!! That is all I needed to hear. Nothing like the chance to channel my inner Cardi B to make me excited about taking a dance lesson.


What will be running through my mind as I try pole dancing.


We always watch American movies where couples attend dance class and now we can do that right here in Anguilla with the “Dance with Me” series, a US$80 per couple date night which runs twice weekly in May. Couples will learn dance techniques under the tutelage of Klassique Academy of Dance instructors (there is bachata as well, but: POLE DANCING!!!!!). Fun fact about me: I actually hate dancing, but this event sounds so out-of-the-box that I’ll be there.


You Had Me at Merlot

I just love the name of this date night. Plus, it combines three of my favourite things: art, wine, and cheese platters.
It isn’t until June, so we have to wait, however that will give me some time to squirrel away the US$120 for this couple activity: painting your partner with UV reactive paint under a black light. Wine + your lover as a canvas + a black light= sexy af.
The birds and the bees are animals…
I don’t think anything of this kind has been done in Anguilla before so it’s sure to be a talked about hit.

Follow Just Imagine on IG or FB & check out their website for upcoming events.  

3 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Dating

  1. Wow love this am so ready.Very interesting and creative yet to see the fun and excitement this is going to bring congratulations and best wishes on your new venture Ms V Thompson God’s blessings.


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