Mean Mugging

We had a great time at The Valley Street Fair with our new gift item collections! Thanks to everyone who came out and shopped from our booth. I’m super excited to announce Drop 2 of the Working Mom Collection featuring three great designs and Drop 2 of the Anguilla Lover Collection curated by none other than me!

Working Mom Collection

Ever wake up and not want anyone to talk to you? Then this is the mug for you. I released it for Drop 1 in metallic silver, but this time it’s back in vibrant pink!

So, funny story about the inspiration behind this mug (actually, I’m pretty sure any mother can relate to the “ask Dad” aspect of parenting). One day, my daughter came into the bathroom while I was showering to ask me a question she could have easily asked her father who was sitting in the living room. I am the ultimate word-defining, shoe-tying, clothes-buttoning, lost-item-finder in our home. So…give me a break; go ask your father…

It’s cocktail hour somewhere, right? And if not…then it’s always an appropriate time to drink coffee.

The Anguilla Lover Collection: Drop 2

All original and all Anguilla-inspired designs from die-hard dialect sayings or customs. Some Drop 1 favourites have made a re-appearance along with new items. 

As an English teacher, I’m partial to a good pun. Here in Anguilla, we don’t usually pronounce the “r” sound in certain words (in linguistic terms, you would say we are non-rhotic speakers). As such, the word “work” often sounds like “wuk”. Any lover of the West Indies and our culture will be familiar with the terminology “wuk up”, but if you aren’t: it refers to the gyrations made during dancing. So, here we have the ideal travel mug (and pun!) to take your drinks to work. Your perfect work cup.

In Anguillian dialect, and most other West Indian English-based Creoles, adding “nuh ras” behind an adjective can act to emphasise it in a raw, colloquial way. Other ways to add emphasis (which are found to be a bit less uncouth) are duplication: “Contents hot hot” or adding the  word “bad” after the adjective: “Contents hot bad“. I take my coffee black and hot nuh ras, though.

One of the locations on every trip-to-Anguilla-bucketlist is Little Bay, a hideaway beach only accessible by boat or by climbing down a rope on the cliffside. I’ve been there several times having kayaked over from Crocus Bay or taken a boat, but I’ve never been brave enough to do the rope.

Nothing says Anguilla like a trip to the beach, and like I said: I love a good pun.

Looking to woo me or anyone else who’s ever been to Anguilla? I like long, romantic walks on the beach…in Anguilla.

Re-release Drop 1 Faves:

If you missed it in Drop 1, you can catch it again! Click here to read about the meaning of this ubiquitous Anguillian exclamation: AYUH LAWD!

You can never have too much Rum Punch…or can you? This Drop 1 favourite has been re-stocked and makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Find out where my favourite rum punches are in the post for Drop 1.

Ever climbed a tree to pick gineps? Does it even get more summertime than that? Check out the Drop 1 Post to get the story behind my inspiration for this mug.

Anguilla Lover iPhone Cases!

I’m in love with the iPhone cases from the Anguilla Lover Collection, so I had to include them here, even though this is a mug post. These cases fit the iPhone 6/6S and 7.

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3 thoughts on “Mean Mugging

  1. Hi Vanessa! How can I order the rum punch cup and the wuk up cup? If you have anymore of the limin pardna flasks in stock, I’d like that too. Thanks!


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